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Meaning, there is no way to know which of the remaining three safes the SCC has been protecting. The system also uses this trick to make the users think there is a limit on how many attempts to crack passwords they can make before they are locked out. Presumably, this was intentional because it could slow down the cracking of real passwords.

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Which ones work, and which ones don't are something only a computer can determine. We ran them all against both known SCC passwords and against the many online tools available. We found that the SCC response to our crack was not, as you might expect, a list of its actual passwords. Instead, it took a particularly nasty form of denial of service attack, attempting to make us pay for each attempt to break the system. As a result, we could not test every possible password; instead we found a few blocks of password attempts that did not go to dead ends. To keep it fair, we did not test the system when we were identified by the site as being a member of an organization controlled by Iran's Ministry of Intelligence.

Initially it was thought that many forms of encryption were easy to crack, and the perception is that some earlier forms of encryption are effectively easier to crack than modern encryption, and then some encryption is not reasonably believed to be useful in commercial systems. In reality, the security of modern encryption is nowhere near as easily attained as the impression created by brute force attacks suggests. Modern cryptographic algorithms are designed to be hard to break and should require a massive amount of time and capital to even attempt to break the passcodes.


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