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This guide will reveal everything you need to know about kunzite to help you decide if it is the right gemstone for you. If you have any questions, fill out the form below, and we will respond within 1 business hour.

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Kunzite is a variety of spodumene, a pyroxene mineral. Although the youngest member of the spodumene family, kunzite has become its best known and most sought-after offspring. While spodumene naturally occurs in diverse colors, kunzite is typical of the pink to purple variety.

Kunzite has two distinct cleavage directions. When a stone has perfect cleavage, it typically produces plane surfaces when cut. In kunzite, the splitting can occur in either of the two directions. This property is not particularly desirable, as an easy separation can lead to the gemstone falling apart during faceting.

In addition, kunzite is unusually resistant to abrasion. In fact, it grinds with more difficulty than other minerals of significantly superior hardness. For instance, corundum measures at 9 on the Mohs scale, yet it is easier to grind than kunzite, with a hardness of 6.5 to 7.

These two properties greatly influence the cutting process. On the one hand, the cutter must apply a fair amount of physical pressure against kunzite, as it resists abrasion. But on the other hand, too much pressure may lead to the stone falling apart during cutting due to its cleavage properties.

He was the first to identify kunzite as a unique variety of spodumene and give a comprehensive description of the stone. Subsequently, Charles Baskerville, a chemistry professor at the University of North Carolina, named the gemstone after him.

This led to spodumene becoming recognized as a gemstone-quality mineral in the 1990s. Due to its attractive appearance, kunzite became the most popular jewelry choice out of spodumene varieties. Before gaining mainstream popularity, gemstone collectors were the only ones interested in kunzite.

In the years since its discovery, kunzite has become a highly desirable gem. Its use in jewelry is still rising in popularity, owing to its unique shades. In addition, these crystals are often large, with relatively few inclusions. When cut properly, kunzite produces magnificent gems that work wonders in fine jewelry.

Moreover, many believe that kunzite is deeply connected to the heart. It is said to open the heart and strengthens its communication with the mind. When you wear kunzite, you should be able to experience and reciprocate love better.

Finally, although kunzite is not a traditional gemstone, some consider it an alternative birthstone for February. Traditionally, amethyst, the purple variety of quartz, assumes this role. Seeing how stunning it looks next to amethyst, it is no wonder some people opted for kunzite as their birthstone.

You might believe in the healing properties of kunzite and wear it as a crystal. Alternatively, you might own a piece of jewelry with this striking gemstone. Whatever the case may be, it is essential to keep your kunzite clean.

To avoid this unfortunate scenario, it would be best to remove any kunzite jewelry before engaging in sporting activities or manual labor. Also, you should store your kunzite jewelry in a separate cloth bag to avoid damage from other surrounding jewelry and materials. When traveling, keep the jewelry cushioned in a sturdier case that can absorb any potential drops or harsher impacts.

To avoid fading, store kunzite in dark and cool places. It is essential not to expose kunzite to direct light or heat sources. When wearing kunzite jewelry outside, try to stay away from direct sunlight.

If you are getting ready for a special occasion and you would like to wear a piece of kunzite jewelry, we have another critical piece of advice. Put your jewelry on after dressing. This way, the chemicals from your hair and make-up products will not interfere with the stone.

Kunzite is a beautiful gemstone with a rich history. However, as with any other gemstone, there are both positive and negative aspects. Before deciding whether to purchase a kunzite gem or piece of jewelry, consider the following.

Even larger kunzite gems are still reasonably affordable. This is perfect as their size is considered to be another significant advantage. Since the cutting process is more challenging, kunzite gemstones are typically larger than other gems on the market.

Despite measuring upwards of 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, kunzite is notoriously brittle. If not handled correctly, kunzite can easily fracture. In addition, the stone is highly susceptible to UV rays and sudden temperature changes. As a result, its famed color can fade when continuously exposed to unfavorable conditions.

In summary, if you are looking for low-maintenance jewelry, then kunzite might not be the best choice. However, this gemstone is sure to be a conversation starter. If you like to stand out, consider purchasing kunzite jewelry and saving it for special occasions and events.

Kunzite is available in a wide variety of cuts and jewelry styles. It is also one of the few gems available in larger sizes at relatively affordable prices. There are several things to keep in mind when shopping for kunzite.

Although attractive, kunzite is not as mainstream as other gemstones typically used for jewelry. Hence, it can suffer from a lack of consumer recognition. In addition, there are several similar-looking gemstones on the market, making the purchase even more confusing.

Kunzite crystals typically have no visible inclusions, so the finished gem is exceptionally clear. You will know your chosen piece of jewelry is valuable if the kunzite is glassy, transparent, and smooth in texture. In contrast, lower-quality kunzite is typically opaque or pearly white around the cleavage.

The considerable carat weight of your chosen kunzite should not alarm you, even if the piece is affordable. It is not unusual to find larger sizes of kunzite, owing to some impediments to the cutting process.

The color of kunzite is best displayed in 10-carat gems. Many consider this the ideal kunzite weight, particularly for statement jewelry pieces. However, the intense color can still be found in gems weighing less. Also, some buyers might prefer the more subtle and romantic feel of the lighter shades.

When shopping for something as valuable as jewelry, it is always better not to take any chances and buy directly from a reputable jeweler. Here at Estate Diamond Jewelry, we offer a stunning collection of kunzite rings that can be your perfect engagement or cocktail ring.

Considering that kunzite is not as well-known as other similar gemstones, it might be challenging to find all the information to make an informed decision. Hopefully, our guide has explained everything you wanted to know about kunzite.

Gemologists follow a simple rule of thumb: the more vivid the lilac color, the more valuable the kunzite crystal. The delightful color of the gemstone comes from the presence of manganese within the crystal formations. In rare cases, kunzite gemstones display the property of pleochroism, where they display two or three different colors depending on where they are viewed from.

-A 47-carat kunzite ring sold for over $410,000 at an auction of the estate of Jacqueline Kennedy in 1996. The ring was purchased by President Kennedy as a gift to his wife, but he never had the opportunity to give it to her.

From the softest of pastel pink to the richness of lavender pink and purple, kunzite gemstones have been associated with love since their discovery. The kunzite gemstone brings with it a great deal of value and symbolism.

The price for kunzite is really based on the shade of pink. The paler the pink shade, the cheaper the kunzite. The more deeply saturated pink the color of the stone, the more expensive it will be. The darker the gemstone, the more expensive it will be.

There are a few other factors that will determine the price of kunzite, like the cut, the size of the gemstone, and the clarity. Kunzite is typically sold in larger sizes so it is rare that you will find a very small stone. That means you will end up paying quite a bit simply because you were paying for a larger stone. On average you can find stones up to eight carats.

How much you pay is also contingent on where you buy your jewelry. If you are purchasing a very pale piece of kunzite, you might pay less than $10 per carat. By comparison if you are paying for an average pink gemstone you might pay $50 per carat but a deeply rich pink stone might cost $180 per carat.

One of the biggest influencers here is the fact that the kunzite gemstone will fade when exposed to sunlight. This means that if you ever wear your kunzite jewelry in the daytime, you will slowly but surely start to diminish its lifespan. The more heat and light it comes into contact with, the more the color will fade with time. This means that as far as Investments are concerned, the deepest shades of pink you can find will still lose their value over time but if you start with a deep pink color it will at least take longer to fade to a light pink color.

Kunzite is heavily associated with your heart chakra and your crown chakra. It is known for healing benefits often having to do with love and spiritual peace. For example, many users rely on kunzite to help them achieve unconditional love, to center themselves, to calm nerves, to enhance self-expression, and to cultivate a deep selfless love for everyone. Other healing properties have to do with improving the heart muscle and circulatory system.

If you are looking at kunzite gemstones trying to figure out if they are real or fake, you want to start with the color. A kunzite gemstone is very pink or pinkish Violet in color, but nothing in between. Very rarely will you see a light shade of pink that is kunzite. When you look at the gemstone whether it is set into jewelry or on its own, you should see a very pink color. In fact, most cutters will cut into a kunzite Stone so that the angle on top shows off the brightest, richest pink. 041b061a72


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