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On November 15, a new set of food-themed skins and an emote bundle have hit the Battlegrounds side of the shop, both with discounted prices! That's right, Hearthstone and some actual sale discounts - who would've ever thought that possible. We don't exactly know what possible duration this "limited time" really indicates.



Remember Battle Bash? That new paid way of earning limited-time Battlegrounds cosmetics, which arrived together with all the other game mode updates as part of Patch 24.6 on November 1. Well, this first edition is just about to end.

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Founded in 1984 to meet a need for innovation and creativity in cosmetics and break through the product limitations of the time, MAKE UP FOR EVER stepped up and pushed pigmentation and performance to its absolute limits. The result brought a true revolution to the world of makeup. MAKE UP FOR EVER is a Vizio Makeup Academy ProCard partner.

Since 1927, Mehron Makeup has been setting the bar for high-impact/high pigment long-lasting cosmetics that are used from Hollywood to Broadway and back again. Mehron Makeup is the go-to brand for Special FX, Theater, Film, face, body painting, and all kinds of Pro-Beauty. Visually dramatic, endurance-trusted, stunning performance. Mehron Makeup is a Vizio Makeup Academy ProCard partner.

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Casseroles anyone? Or would you prefer makeup LOL! Written into their destiny by the flip of a coin in 1976, the Ford twins opted not to open a restaurant and instead to overtake the makeup industry! Still going strong, today Benefit graces five continents and over 59 countries. With revolutionary products, infinite style, and a company philosophy based on laughter and joy, Benefit is an icon in the cosmetics industry. Benefit is a Vizio Makeup Academy ProCard partner.

Discount dental programs require you to pay an upfront membership fee. The programs are good for a year. In addition, you will pay an out-of-pocket cost for each dental service you receive. Some or all of those services will be discounted, depending on the plan you buy.

Women who wear makeup spend a literal fortune on their cosmetics every year. On average, if you are a woman who wears makeup, you will spend roughly $300,000 throughout your lifetime on it. That is not a far-fetched number when you take into consideration that makeup has a shelf life and needs to be replaced every so often.

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Many women in the United States enjoy wearing makeup and perfume. It is something they do on a daily basis no matter what their mood, the weather or the occasion. In addition, women are generally loyal to specific brands just as they are colors and scents with their makeup and perfume. In a nutshell, women who wear makeup consider their perfume and other cosmetics to be a big priority in their everyday lives. As a result, it may be difficult at times to find a good discount on makeup at local stores unless there happens to be a sale going on. Some cosmetics come with hefty price tags, but it is possible to get a great makeup discount and perfume discounts that make it easier to afford all of your favorite pieces. No longer do you have to compromise on quality for the sake of cost.

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