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How To Make Your Desktop Look More Aesthetic In...

The Personalization window also allows you to choose an accent color for a more cohesive look on your desktop. Go to Colors and choose the one that you would like, or you can go for the Custom color option to choose from the gradient. Further, from the Show accent color on the following surfaces, select where you would like to see the colors. On the page, you can even choose between light and dark modes

How to make your desktop look more aesthetic in...

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If you want your desktop to look like that of a MacBook, you can install ObjectDock (paid) or RocketDock (free). These customizable dock applications will give your desktop a neat and functional look. Linux users can also recreate the Mac OS desktop by installing Docky or Plank.

Even when it comes to downloading new fonts for your system, we would suggest simpler ones. Fancy fonts will only make your desktop look cluttered and distracting. Linux users can check out Font Squirrel for a wide variety of free fonts. However, make sure you download any font into the /.fonts/ directory.

This one is for the advanced users though beginners can try it out after watching tutorials on YouTube. Conky can enhance your desktop aesthetic by enabling themes and widgets. After installing, you can edit the /.conkyrc file, for a range of unique elements to decorate your desktop.

Are you tired of a bland, ordinary desktop on your computer? Are you trying to make your desktop look cool, but you don't know how? There are several ways you can make your desktop look cooler, ranging from simple to complex. In just a few minutes, you could have a completely different experience on your computer. See Step 1 below to learn how.

Desktop organizer wallpapers are as functional as they are aesthetic! Compartmentalize all of your folders, documents, and stickies (more on those soon) right on your desktop with pre-organized areas for to-dos, personal, work, school and more.

Calendar wallpapers are another form-meets-function way to make your Mac aesthetic! Never lose track of the days again, and get an overview of the month right on your desktop. Some calendar wallpapers even include built-in desktop organizers too.

Stay focused, punctual, and make sure you never miss another meeting or deadline again with an aesthetic timer or clock for your Mac. Use a dedicated Mac app or web app to complete Pomodoros for more productive work and study sessions!

While Windows 10 has a slick look out of the box, you may still wonder how to make your Windows 10 system look better. We're here to explain the wealth of customization options that will make your desktop environment more personal.

One of the easiest ways to give your desktop a new look is to pick a desktop wallpaper that matches your interests. To do this, open the Settings app (using the keyboard shortcut Win + I is a convenient way) and enter the Personalization section.

Here, on the Background tab, you'll find several options related to your desktop wallpaper. In the dropdown box under Background, select Picture if you want to use a single image. Hit the Browse button below this to choose an image from your PC. Have a look at some great sites for finding new wallpapers if you need ideas.

At the bottom, you can choose how your images fit onto the screen if they're not the right size. If you're not sure, Fill usually provides the best results. We've covered tips for beautifying your desktop wallpaper if you need more advice.

If you don't like any of the standard colors, open Custom color for more granular control. For a more cohesive look, you can check Automatically pick an accent color from my background and Windows will set the color based on your wallpaper.

No discussion of how to make Windows 10 look beautiful is complete without mention of Rainmeter. It's the ultimate desktop customization tool, and perfect for more advanced users who aren't satisfied with what we've covered above.

There was once a time when Apple wouldn't let its users customise the home screen. But the company is much more lenient these days. You can completely control the aesthetic of an iPhone, even by changing your home screen app icons to custom ones and by using widgets. If you want to get super spicy, you can even add a video clip of something to your lock screen.

Let's say a holiday is coming up - like, Halloween or Easter - and you want your iPhone to look all spooky or festive. To achieve that, did you know you can do more than change your wallpaper to an image of a ghost or the Easter bunny.

Before getting started, trim the number of apps on your home screen. Too many apps can look cluttered. Plus, if you want to change the icon for every app on your home screen, it'll take less time if you only have a few. To remove an app, hold down on one, select Remove App, and confirm. You aren't deleting it off you're phone; just swipe from right on your home screen to find it in the App Library, or you can pull down on the home screen to search for it. Apple has a support page with extra information and tips about how to neatly organise your home screen and make perfect use of the App Library.

Whatsup guys I am back with the new video and today I will show you how to make your desktop look aesthetic. For the wallpaper, I used blue icy mountain wallpaper and you can also see two different groups of birds flying near the mountains. Also, I used widgets to make the desktop look more natural and aesthetic. So, watch the full video and also make your desktop look aesthetic. If you are new and watching this video for the first time then SUBSCRIBE and also press the bell icon to never miss any video updates.

Decorating your desk is one way you can boost your productivity and make your environment better. I personally LOVE decorating my desk and making it look better. There is something about having my favorite colors cute objects on my desk that makes me feel better.

Aesthetic in my context is making something look appealing to the eyes and making you feel good and having a matching, pleasing style. There are many types of aesthetics out there, such as the popular That Girl aesthetic. However, this aesthetic is about making your desk look nice while also being functional.

My desk colors are yellow and blue, leaning more on a lighter shade of blue. To make your desk aesthetic, choose colors that match and work together. I recommend looking online at a color palette, then finding products or desktop wallpapers with your chosen color scheme. Colors like blue boost productivity and green is a calming color.

One of the easiest ways to make your desk aesthetic is to have a trackpad and wrist cushions that match. This was one of the first things I did to revamp my desk décor after college when I moved back home. I had a blank white desk at the time and needed a resting pad for my wrists while also making it look good. This is the exact cushion I have:

Next, I recommend getting a wireless keyboard that you can connect to your laptop to make your desk look better. There are so many cute aesthetic keyboard on Amazon that have gotten popular. Most lean on the cute, adorable side, but there are solid color keyboards like this one from Logitech I bought for my desk. I love it since I can switch between two devices so easily.

If you are able to, get a brand new desk to make your working space more aesthetic. There are so many desks out there to match the look you are going for. I personally think that the size of the desk and the type of wood are the main factors to look into.

A cost-efficient way to make your desk aesthetic is to use a keyboard cover like these from Amazon. Not only are you able to show off your style, but you can prevent crumbs and debris from getting into my keyboard. has some great charts breaking down the best plants for improving indoor air quality, how to repot them (because you'll probably want to pick up a cute pot that makes your desk aesthetic!), and more.

With the ability to customize their home screen to reflect their unique style, iPhone users enjoy phones more personal than ever (outer space theme, anyone?). To design your own aesthetic home screen you can rearrange apps, design new pages (like a page that groups all your social media apps together for easy scrolling), and even change the size and color of your app icons. All this began with Apple's iOS 14 update (though it's still available with the most recent software upgrades) and while it might sound like a lot of effort, there are apps that do a lot of the work for you.

Several apps are available to help you create a home screen that's aesthetically pleasing with your desired functionality. From Widgetsmith to Aesthetic Kit, these apps will help you get the most from your phone by seriously tailoring it to meet your needs. Keep reading to learn more about the apps that can help you design the home screen you've always wanted!

Plain and simple, the Gmail desktop site is busy and cluttered, particularly if you've spent any time working with its far more minimal and aesthetically pleasing Inbox cousin. So now that Inbox is on the way out, what's a discerning email user to do?

Now, think carefully about which labels or categories you really click on regularly or need to be able to see from your main inbox view. For me, it came down to a small handful of basics: the inbox itself, my snoozed messages, my sent messages, my drafts, my All Mail area, and then the labels for the reminders and saved articles features I created via my crafty Inbox-to-Gmail feature hacks. (And yes, I realize I could access any of that stuff via keyboard shortcuts as well, but I've come to appreciate having some of those icons on-screen in that area. Plus, I need to be able to access the fully expanded side panel sometimes, and it makes for a more visually balanced look to have at least a handful of icons present in its collapsed form.) 041b061a72


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