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Audi Mmi Firmware Update Download

One of the things I did on my Ford Focus RS was play with the multi-media interface and updating the SYNC system manually. Once again, I wanted to see what I could do with my Audi as there are various services available where you can pay anything from 60 - 500 to get firmware updates to the Audi Multi Media Interface(MMI). Note this update file used is for the UK/EU (it is possible with the rest of the world, and the process is similar, just the files will differ), and speed cameras are for the UK only due to GPS location etc.

Audi Mmi Firmware Update Download

Simply searching google for 'How Do I Update myAudi navigation maps for free' gets you lots of results claiming to be able to sell you the correct files. However, in this tutorial, I am going to walk you through the steps required to do it for free, all without the need for OBDeleven or VCDS, the files are available for all VAG cars that have a similar MMI system, and thus the update has been pulled from VW's site as they still make the files available for anyone to download.

This post has taken you through the steps to inexpensively apply updates to your car;. At the same time, none of this is technically car hacking; it does offer the ability to update things on the cheap/free and hopefully serves as a platform for learning more. I hope to post another soon on how to enable Carplay/Android Auto if your car supports it as an aftermarket update via MIB, a modified firmware file for Audi's MMI system. For more information on this firmware, see the GitHub repo here -MIBonk/M.I.B._More-Incredible-Bash. 350c69d7ab


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