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Windows Minipe 2012 12

I was using Gavotte's edition of the Windows RAMDisk driver for a while in my windows XP installation for a while already and my results were so far really good. Using the RAMDisk driver I was able to use my full 4GB RAM in my Windows 32 Bit environment.

windows minipe 2012 12


I'll add a note here that I was not using the hack to make 32bit support 8+GB because I don't want to use anything that could possibly interfere with windows update patching, and modifying the OS files has potential to do so. Now if you do all your browsing in a VM or another machine and are able to run the modified OS with all networking disabled, which should be doable (you should be able to pass eg. USB WLAN stick to WM without enabling networking on the host), or use a hypervisor solution, then by all means hack your OS. Otherwise doing a permanent mod to kernel is something I personally would not do unless you have systems in place to alert when that kernel file is patched by MS and can verify that it's actually patched (for security exploits) even though you are using your hacked file.

an enlightening article. here is an application elsewhere, a challenging one, if you can resolve. i used to run mcafee 5.400 under dos command, booting with cd (minipe xp). it had been fun.eversince newly released mobos must comply to vista-standard, microsoft has been poisoning the usage of wxp_sp3 with its updated service pack 3. first with its UAA Bus Driver for HD Audio (error 0xE000027)). then with its ridiculuous BCD (Boot Configuration Data) and then pushing the mobo producers not to embed IDE controller (a disk read occurred. press ctrl+alt+del to restart). intel motherboards are the worst one. they can not beat the AMD in 64-bit technology.most intel mobos love to fail to provide the system to access the high memory area. crash, blue screen, reboot. some of the worst are G41 and G31 chipsets. enough for the problem is that windows nowadays love to limit the system to access the 'wasted, unused RAM', by replying "Program too big to fit in memory".back in the early 1990s, whenever computers were provided without harddisk, I used to create a RAM disk to reserve the life of the 1.44 MB and/or 1.2 MB disk drive. i copied the WordStar (ws7) and/or 123 programs to the RAM disk. although the RAM was 4 MB, the computer worked much faster than to access the diskette. it was like a lightening speed, back that days.jens, and anybody, can you help me out with this thing?thank you anyway. nice work.

sorry, doesnt work. ram is allocated from free windows memory, check for yourself using taskmans ressource monitor. the ramdisk capacity gets allocated from windows' 3gig of usable memory. the 1gig difference stays untouched.

-to-create-a-bootable-usb-drive-from-your-windows-cd/ tells how to create a bootable Windows copy with WinToFlash. Its wizard makes it very simple. One still needs a virtual drive if the image is not on a DVD already.


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