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Introducing our remarkable t-shirt featuring the profound Sanskrit phrase "Tattvamasi." This ancient mantra holds immense significance and encapsulates a profound spiritual truth.

"Tattvamasi" translates to "You are that" or "That thou art." It is a profound statement from the Upanishads, the sacred scriptures of philosophy.


This powerful mantra conveys the idea that at the deepest level of our being, we are interconnected with the divine and all of creation.

By wearing this t-shirt, you carry the essence of this profound wisdom.


Profound Mantra: The t-shirt features the Sanskrit mantra "Tattvamasi," conveying the timeless wisdom of interconnectedness and divine unity.


Spiritual Significance: This mantra holds deep spiritual meaning, reminding us that we are interconnected with the divine and all of creation.


Self-Realization: Wearing this t-shirt serves as a reminder to recognize and embrace our inner divinity, fostering self-realization and a sense of unity with the universe.


Catalyst for Conversations: The powerful message of "Tattvamasi" sparks curiosity and invites meaningful conversations about our shared divinity and the interconnectedness of humanity.


Symbol of Love and Understanding: By wearing this t-shirt, you symbolize love, understanding, and the recognition of the divine within yourself and others.


Stylish and Graceful: Designed with both style and grace in mind, this t-shirt merges spiritual depth with a fashionable aesthetic.


Embrace the profound significance of "Tattvamasi" with our t-shirt, embodying unity, self-realization, and the timeless wisdom of interconnectedness.



  • 180 GSM
  • 100% Super Combed Cotton
  • Pre Shrunk & Bio washed
  • Lycra Ribbed Neck
  • Unisex Regular Fit


Wash Care Instructions


  • Washing

Machine wash cold, inside-out, gentle cycle with mild detergent and similar colors.

  • Bleaching

Use non-chlorine bleach, only if necessary.

  • Drying

Tumble dry low, or hang-dry in shade for the longest life, don’t dry clean.

  • Ironing

Cool iron inside-out if necessary. Do not iron on decoration.





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